Berets for moi


Ive been posting FAR too many pictures of myself lately…. I hate seeing images of myself because, sadly, like so many poor souls out there I have very poor self esteem when it comes to looking at reflections of myself. Maybe inflicting these pictures on Blogland will help me to overcome this affliction….
Enough of these blitherings, I wanted to show you all the new beret I knitted last night. I love berets. They take forever to knit but are worth every stitch. Look at that perfect way that they effortlessly slouch on your head. They are in essence a laid back hat, a ‘Im so relaxed up here today, the views lovely’ type of hat.
I always find adult beret patterns way too large, and they always stretch so much that they end up falling over my eyes and causing terrible accidents… With this in mind I have made a much smaller one this time! It fits perfectly! A textured band makes the whole thing more interesting and makes it sort of slump in a relaxed manner…
The view from above that magpies and blackbirds or passengers on double deckers see…..
A little stitchy detail in a very fuzzy image… oops.
The whole thing came out looking like an acorn. Naturally the acorn had a little stalk on the top….
The colour is very muted, having a slightly darker nutmeg shade on the ribbing and a single milky coffee colour wool for the rest of the hat. It matches my shorter tweed coat a treat.

I need to feel the sky smiling down on my beret a little more often!

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