DORIS might be going after all...

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Just in time…
DORIS might be coming on holiday to the seaside after all…
Had to share these images before I go.
She turned out to be dotty perfection!
These will be good companions on my walks and make fitting replacements for my trusty old Tulips shoes.
I will be all day sorting out treasures to take and also tidying up whats left behind. I must make sure I take the right needles and hooks, plus yarn for holiday woolly bits, books, paper, pens, games, clothing, tea bags, more tea bags, etc, and probably tea bags, did I mention tea bags?
I am so excited, in fact I cant ever remember ever needing / wanting a holiday so much! I shall come home glad to be back though. Its worth going away just for that magical feeling of being back on home ground, safe and familar. An early bedtime is needed I think… charge the old batteries…

Cheerio everyone, and have a wonderful week!

Ren x

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