Here one minute, gone the next....


This little beauty was in the Fairysteps shop for about a day and it sold! I can see why! What colours. It came together so beautifully I was sorely tempted to keep it as Plum is one of my favourite colours.

Things arent too well in Fairysteps land….. little tiddlywink is very poorly indeed, alternating between high temperatures and appalling coughing fits, coupled with absolutely no appetite (its been 2 weeks now), there is nothing worse for a Mother than seeing a little one feeling poorly is there. We are battling through but the lack of sleep is really getting to me now! I think Ive got sinusitus to top it off….. and Ive got a boot order which I must send before Christmas, and I must actually buy some Christmas presents BEFORE Christmas day, and I must finish my Christmas cooking, and I must sort out that big trug of dirty jumpers to handwash, and I must start on more orders on the list, and I must………….. big sigh….

and I must go to bed now and get some sleep so that everything will seem wonderful in the morning!

They say snow is afoot…..

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