Its cold and wet... and Ive got my socks on.....


I’m very aware that Autumn wont be long now…..
The clusters of berries on my Rowan tree in the garden are already a russety orange so the end is nigh….. doom and gloom has descended on fairysteps land……

Just kidding! Cold weather is absolutely the best excuse to start another knitting project…. BUT on a dismal note, I must say that the weather is awful, cold and rainy and the sun has gone away on holiday without even telling us when he will be back. How rude.

Washing piles are mounting up, socks and vests are being rummaged for in drawers, camping seems impossible, the garden fire is lying cold. I want the summer back!!!!!!

Shoes are going well and inbetween the showers I managed to photograph and list a few new stock items, all in Autumnal shades so it must be affecting me more than I thought……

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