New stock...


A few bits and bobs that have been waiting patiently to be listed. A new JINKY bag complete with flutterby, in the shop here 

A little moth landed on this one… its in the fairysteps shop here

And possibly my favourite of the batch… a rag tag ALDER wild wood bag in chestnut nubuck, in the fairysteps shop here

A rather nice WITHY tabbed, listed here

O and a small flock of PAN purses… in the shop here

Its been business as usual for me, back to work in the studio / workshop (studio sounds much posher, lets stick to that…). Thank you everyone for well wishes for my little ones recovery. I think that at last she may be on the mend. Its nearly time for the shop to close and for Mr & Mrs Fairysteps and family to dive head first into Christmas… starting on Sunday!!!! Yippee!!!! Is everyone as excited as me?

Last notes

  • I have nearly finished an amazing pair of boots (Mary you are going to love them!) which I will be showing on the blog over the next couple of days…

  • I still havent made my Christmas cake BUT I did handwash all of those jumpers, and just as well because the temperature has plummeted here.

  • This needs saying again, the temperature has plummeted here! Fingers and toes are at the dropping off stage.

The snowman theme music is playing and I think I need a satsuma, right away, bye x

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