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Cotton check long skirt-skirt,green,long


check long skirt

£22.00 £17.00
Retro rose garden-camisole-camisole,roses


rose garden-camisole

£16.00 £13.30
Waterfall necklace-Perfect evening and party accessory. These mixed glass beads and baubles glisten. Choose from emerald amethyst or amber gold tones.<br />



£6.35 £5.00
Beach dress-beach dress,brown



£21.95 £17.00
Socks/Roses/3 pairs-socks,roses,short



£4.00 £3.20
Socks/natural stripe/3 pairs-Beautiful stripes in brown mix...<br />These come as a pack of 3, each pair is different but they all have a brown background with narrow coloured stripes in pinks, greens, purples etc


stripe/3 pairs

£4.00 £3.20
Socks/short/spots/3 pairs-Beautiful spots...<br />These come as a pack of 3, each pair is different with large and small dots in greys, purples and blues, etc. Very lovely



£4.00 £3.20
Socks/Neon stripe short-stripes,socks


stripe short

Just a few new bits and bobs added to the Fairysteps shop. Including some rather yummy short socks… all are in the Summer sale!

I hope to complete my July orders this week and start my August ones next week so Im getting all geared up for making stock shoes after this time. A huge amount of customer suggestion forms have asked for UK size 5, mainly in 3 styles. PUCK, QUINCE and MUSTARDSEED. The favourite colours seem to anything with a woodland feel. With this in mind I think that PUCK will be the first pattern that I draft across all sizes. I can then make up a batch in maybe 4, 5, 6 and 7 all in the same colour. I cant tell you how excited I am about this… Im a bit of a time and motion bore so this, albeit tiny, production line appeals to me. Its how I work best and most efficiently.

Bags are on the books too. The lovely DAPHNE in ecotan has sold and I am very keen to make more of her in the other ecotan colours. I have also been sketching 2 new bag styles aimed specifically at woolly customers, but its going to be good for anyone really! Partly restyled  from my bags from the past.

PURL, which is a tall barrell shaped bag with several pockets including a long needle pocket, and FLOLLOPY which is big and basically a leather tote (hate that word but what else can you say that people will recognise?). Its going to be a larger version of a bag I used to make called CHAGFORD. I have purchased some extra soft, squidgy leather in natural shades ready for this! Another older style called DOTTY will also be making a comeback in this same leather which I will be lining in vintage cottons…

So much planned and I still havent grown any extra arms…

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