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Remember the BIG clean up in the wardrobe….

Well it was decided on that day that I MUST, (despite my loathing of the iron) get all of my skirts pressed and hung in the wardrobe. I never wear trousers, rarely wear shirts, but always wear skirts and petticoats, which as much as I would love to think otherwise DO need pressing. Without this little domestic intervention I tend to look like a crumpled, used brown paper bag most of the time (emphasis on the word BAG and CRUMPLED).

Not anymore!

The clean up was completed weeks ago and my poor bedroom chair (a very pretty Lloyd loom which belonged to my Grandmother…) is still suffocating beneath the pile of crumply clothes. Ive been making the excuse that its because I have no ironing board cover….

After a little shopping spree at the local ironmongers with tiny tiddlywink this morning I now have a new cover. Trouble is the choice of covers was between disgusting or revolting. I chose the disgusting one (lilac checks) and recovered it after dinner today. It is now green and spotty which matches the yellow painted legs of my very old ironing board a treat.


I think I can probably stomach leaning over it now to get those skirts pressed…..

And just to prove I did it…. an update on this post added at teatime….

And an empty chair!


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