Stacking shelves....


New shelves… yippeeeee!
Only half of this wall was ever shelved and the other half much wanted but long awaited….
Happily no more. I spent Saturday sanding and painting them Victorian red to match the others. Neck bending cutting in along the back edges did not help the thumping headache….
Probably the last time they look tidy…. Note mount washpile in the foreground… its still there but I have plans for it to disperse tommorow morning. All painted ready to fill. After many trips up and downstairs to collect the ‘stuff’ my legs were practically dropping off and all enthusiasm for shelf filling had dropped off…. Its mainly all dressmaking bits and bobs which is wonderful because this is where all the household sewing takes place (its one of the reasons why I couldnt really have this room for my Fairysteps workroom… that 7ft table is sucha a luxury for cutting fabric). Fully inspired by the sewing rooms transformation I have ordered some printed cotton lawn for my winter petticoats. I couldnt get the colours I wanted so I have a plan to overcome this slight spoke in the works. I shall reveal that in another post…. And because I had a brushfull of nice red paint…. I painted my little 'sit closely by the fire’ chair. There it is, hiding next to the old rayburn…. Yes it is an old childrens chair, and yes I am far too big for it….. I always feel like Alice in wonderland after the growing big part when I sit there!

And because tiniest tiddlywink couldnt bear to be left out, the dolls house family also had a clear out and moved in new shelves (thank you Auntie Lulu xxxx). I was requested to take this action shot of poor old Granpa and one of the young uns’ struggling with a display cabinet from the back of the wagon….
My cousin arrives tommorow! Hopping up and down with excitement!
Last note: The lovely Tangle Catkin has asked to do an article on the new fairy shoe collection in Fae nation so I was ever so flattered and chuffed about that! I shall post a note when it happens. Also ordered a copy of Fae magazine no 7 this evening so a few good nights tucked up with my reading specs on will be on the cards in a few days…. cant wait!!!

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