Stormy weather


What an incredibly blustery day out there today. Making me feel very much that Winter is upon us and that even worse weather is imminent. Ive heard from different sources that this winter will be the worst in 50 years, and from somewhere else, the worst in 140 years! Considering Mum used to tell stories of the Winter of 1963 being so cold that small songbirds were found frozen to the branches, this is rather concerning!

I hope everyone is kitted up with woollies, wood, fuel and tins of sardines and milk powder. I simply need tea bags to survive… and wool :)

Lots happening in the workshop now Ive got my mojo back. Found it under a pile of books in a dusty corner. Forgot where Id put it, hadnt even thought to look there ;) Feels good to be planning and sorting and then doing more planning, and even better to start the actual doing bit.

Shower room is finished all but the floor which was a disaster. I used, in the spirit of thrift, an old pot of thyme green gloss paint to cover the floor. It looks like very, very shiney mould. Its not a good look. But, Ive run out of time so Ive popped a little rug over it for now. Mostly covered, but alas far too much is still visible. I shall tackle it at a later date with a different paint. Rather worried now though that nothing decent will stick to the gloss. Ooops. Walls look good though, and not a streak of previous colour in sight.

Couple more hours of work, then time to cook tea.

Ren x

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