The end is nigh....

Woolly Stuff

Not long to go now!
Ive completed the last granny square.... at last! I have now started to go around and around the outer edge for the border, about 12 or so times should do it. Then its the last row which will be a delicious bobble border in red. Like rows of little strawberries........
It has been immense fun making this and I feel all fired up for the next one! Probably hexagons like my clever friend has been making. Very beautiful! I regretted doing squares as soon as I saw it!!!
Ive been very naughty and been sidetracked (doesnt take much) by a pattern on Ravelry, found late last night. Of course I had to start making it RIGHT AWAY! Its called 'Anthropologie capelet'. Using 8mm needles I have already knitted about 4" in bed this morning before getting up! The wool is a cerise, 97% wool, bobbly affair, nightmare to knit, and perfect because I havent a clue what else to use it for! I can see a pea green ribbon at the neck to tie it together..... I can see it as a summer evening warm up over my planned pea green seersucker sun dress.....
Pictures of complete ensemble, I promise, when completed..... but when is another matter!!!

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