Thistledown to Flutterby...


I made these shoes so long ago now. I called the style THISTLEDOWN and many pairs are out there, somewhere treading the earth. I dont know why but I never took many pictures of this style, so when I came to search a few days ago I could only find images of 2 pairs! Useless woman!
Here is a rosebud pink pair after a very grubby pair of Tiny tiddlywink feet had been in them for a few days...
I have decided to rename this style FLUTTERBY. It just seems to suit it more. I have also decided that in future all pairs will be in a single colour. Yes, the contrasting butterfly on a little girls shoe is very pretty, BUT on an adults shoe I feel it will be very much more practical if the butterfly matches the shoe. A little more subtle. Which leads me to the purpose of this post...
What I have'nt decided is this.... should the shoes have
1. Punchwork detail on the butterfly wings as in the sand / petal pair
2. Butterflies all plain with ribbon decoration to similate the antennae (yes I know it looks nothing like them but you know what I mean)?
Im sort of leaning towards the ribbon trim on a plain butterfly at the moment, but before I make this pair Ive already cut I would Love to know what everyone else thinks...

Thank you x

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