Leather Swatch

Choosing your colour will probably be the hardest part of ordering, so do take your time and have a good look in your wardrobe to see what would best suit your colour scheme. We have deep classics which will go with everything, as well as eye popping brights and gentler lights. Leathers marked * are antiqued with variations across the hide, offering instant aged beauty.

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We use high quality full grain hides from reputable UK merchants. All are strong, supple, and will wear beautifully. Being a natural product, scuffs, scars and variations will occur across the hide. This is especially evident in the *antiqued leathers. 

Gnome colours will of course be Brown / Red / Green.

Shoe & boot after care

Always make sure that your shoes are kept well polished to avoid unnecessary wear. Any good polish will do, my preference being old fashioned dubbin (very sticky to apply) which I leave overnight to soak in. The *antiqued finish leathers will lighten with wear as the waxes and oils in the leather are displaced. It's a useful indicator that a jolly good polish is needed to replenish both the colour and the finish. If there is any fading then you can use a tinted shoe cream available in shoe shops or online.

Do not be shy about using your faerysteps for extreme weather conditions. They are capable of tackling all seasons. Mine have gone boulder hopping at the seaside and the Moors, as well as running and rambling. I clean off the mud, pop them somewhere lukewarm (not on a radiator), and when dry I give them a good coat of dubbin. The ribbons even get a wash in the sink with warm water and hand soap. My shoes are then ready for the next adventure.