POD Bag #3953

POD Bag #3953

You literally can take the kitchen sink in this bag, it's a whopper. 

Made in quality leather with clean unlined interior, nice and natural. Gusseted construction for extra room, with large front pocket. It closes very simply with a faerysteps big bead fastening.
Long and wide, comfortable, fixed length, across body strap with antiqued brass hardware to hang silk scarves and charms from at the strap base. Also included coin purse in spotted oak antiqued leather.

This one is...
Leather colour: two shades of conker brown / spring green / mustard neverland leaf applique.
Height: 35 cm 
Width at base: 36 cm
Depth: 5 cm
Strap length: 105 cm

Includes a silly picture of me with the bag to illustrate the whopper size ;)

LIMITED EDITION - Only one of these made :)

"We may be small but heaven help anyone who thinks he might squish us." Pod Clock