faerysteps handmade shoes, boots & leather goods

Although I started making shoes in 2002 it really all began back in the mists of my 1970's childhood, when the world was orange, brown and purple. Little sparks of creativity began to form and the colourful little seed that was to become Faerysteps was sown. Now my days are filled with making treasures for the shop, carefully, prudently, exquisitely in my much loved workshop, deep within the Wild Wood. I specialise in offering limited edition (often one of a kind) footwear, leathergoods and textiles for discerning customers worldwide.

I learnt to knit circa 1976 and haven't stopped since, and so, armed with my Ladybird book of knitting I set off to conquer the world... Now, each evening when I down my shoemaking tools, I pick up my wool, hook or needles and make knitwear, carefully designed to perfectly suit the Faerysteps range.

A word about Instagram... Some of my happiest, early memories, are of my Mum with her trusty Polaroid camera tucked under her arm, always ready to capture the moment. To me, Instagram is like my 1970's childhood all over again. I use it daily to document work and play.

Ren x The Fairy Shoemaker

{ please note: no elves were exploited during the making of any of these products }